Saturday, June 27, 2009

my pops found out about my tickets


well today my dad calls me and stright off the bat oded at me he found out about some of my tickets. I have alot and i need a lawyer for them there preety bad. and he found out about my suspend licence for failer to produce tickets i never sent them in the mail but i guess its all good. i have a back up plan i got a civic for free after my boy did a swap for him so i have to put the car back together tho like motor and interior back in and im going to sell it and pay off all my tickets and debt buttt the worst part is that my dad changed all the door locks and i dont have the key ahah because i come home 3,4,5 am every nite and so hes tight becuase of it

but i hate nyc police succh fukin dooshs staten isalnd cop especiall there rookie cops that think they are the law. they fuked me over wayyyy to many time for me to even count and i have stackkssss of tickets i won because i know thee loop holes and i make the cop look like a total retart infront ofr the judge. and judge leaven somthing like that hes a ass whip that find everyone and there moms guilty for even there moms there wasa old lady maybe 85 years old and the cop said she was speeding but i was like no way shes gunna be guilty and he said she was shit was messed up.

Friday, June 26, 2009



tattoo woman Pictures, Images and Photos

well alot of people dont really know how much im into tats.
i like hawaian tats the most and alot of detailed ones. i hate that guido on like family write across and stuipd tats that have no meaning like the people that crosses all over there body and arent even religous and basicly are gay. tattos are sopposed to have meaning behind them thats wat there about not some random stuipd tats. at my job i see alot of old guys come in and they have random little tats all over there arms and i asked them all the time they tell me each one has a story and alotof them tell me the same not to get meaning less tattos

i want a somthing like these

the rock tattoos Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My life

my frist blog and and i dono wat to write. i seen my boy jimmys and i guess ill start one to so here it is.

M y name is zohaib but everyone call me wat ever zee zohan ziggy w/e. my life has been preety good and i cant really complain i work hard for what i have and try to do better every day
my loves in life are Cars, building them making them fast and fun i love to go fast and do extreme because lifes to short to stay home and jerk off to a computer screen all day. theres to much to see and do and im trying to do as much as i can now while im young and strong.

i live in newyork and im not gunna say anyhting bad about staten island because all my freinds are here and theres always somthing to do. everytime i get out of work from pepoboys some one will hit me up . lifes peety good and my boys are always there anytime i need anything like rite now i dont have a car and my boys call me to ask if i want to borow there car i dont even ask there rite there.

i graduated from high skool a year ago i miss alot of my freinds but mad alot of new ones. i go to college here in s.i and its not bad but its not like how it use to be in h.s. people now arent the same freind you think were ,your freind vanished and ghost. but luckly i have my old good freind from wen i was a kid to be there they havent let me down in 12 years and dont think there gunna start to anytime soon and mad a bunch of new ones. i havent changed that much while i see many have around me. trying to fit in ,peer presure, and jus from hangin with the wrong people. People jus dont have there indivisality anymore.

well Here were i live i have my own crew called Me-Built me and my boy ron with a 11sec silver mr2 made the team and its grown all over. its called Me-Built because we build our own things not shops who charge u a arm and a house. my crew has everything from 300zx from supras to high h.p mr2s and my mr2 soon to be out in 2 weeks jus waiting for my motor. the way i see it is if you work hard to picec together somthing you put your heart into youell aperciate it more