Saturday, June 27, 2009

my pops found out about my tickets


well today my dad calls me and stright off the bat oded at me he found out about some of my tickets. I have alot and i need a lawyer for them there preety bad. and he found out about my suspend licence for failer to produce tickets i never sent them in the mail but i guess its all good. i have a back up plan i got a civic for free after my boy did a swap for him so i have to put the car back together tho like motor and interior back in and im going to sell it and pay off all my tickets and debt buttt the worst part is that my dad changed all the door locks and i dont have the key ahah because i come home 3,4,5 am every nite and so hes tight becuase of it

but i hate nyc police succh fukin dooshs staten isalnd cop especiall there rookie cops that think they are the law. they fuked me over wayyyy to many time for me to even count and i have stackkssss of tickets i won because i know thee loop holes and i make the cop look like a total retart infront ofr the judge. and judge leaven somthing like that hes a ass whip that find everyone and there moms guilty for even there moms there wasa old lady maybe 85 years old and the cop said she was speeding but i was like no way shes gunna be guilty and he said she was shit was messed up.

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